Adrian Palton
"Sorry, dewd, not my fault. Somebody couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted bagels two minutes before my shift ended."

Full Name

Adrian Richard Palton

Goes By

Adrian, Dee


September 27th/17




Like a lollipop

Hair Color


Eye Color


Current Residence



A/V club, film club (idek), TIM HORTONS



[(journal name here)]

Played By

Aaron Johnson


Adrian is an only child.

He grew up at home with his parents.

His dad isn't very proud of his son's so-called 'lifestyle choices'.

There is a crazy cat lady next door named Muriel who dotes on him.

His best friends are named Brynn and Brody and Levi.

He loves filmmaking and silly things and singing loudly along with pop music.

he like, speaks the way he writes, like
it's totally... not hipster? but like
he can't help it if nothing comes out in a straight

He loves life. And people

And YOU, yes you.

This section might get serious for real one day.

Horror movies make him scream like a girl.


  • Levi Blakely - Adrian is his Sassy Gay Friend. Yes, even Sassy Gay Friends can have Sassy Gay Friends. Adrian is totally the Cheeks to his Adam
  • Ryan Letowski - Levi's new boyfriend. Adrian approves... so far. He's cute.
  • Brynn Romo - Brody's year-younger sister and one of Adrian's best friends. She's into vampires and weird stuff and trolling the masses. Adrian thinks it's funny as long as it stays away from him.
  • Brody Romo - Brynn's brother, totally the popular Mr. Does-It-All. They've known each other forever, which is why Adrian passes his Bubble of Unattainableness. Adrian does his best to keep him grounded when he's doing ten billion things at once.
  • Boheme Rhapsody - An ex of Levi's and very attractive, but their personalities don't mesh very well. Still. Hot. Bo has hit on him a looooot. Adrian is a tease.


He spent half his downtime in the A/V department perfecting his focus pull, so there's that.


  • "I'm gonna punch HP in the nads, I swear."
  • "Sup, B? Googlin' vamps?"
  • “He’s not a vampire and you know it. Stop trying to give me nightmares, girl. If I come home some night, and he’s staring at me again, and I scream, it’s all your fault.”
  • “Well, maybe the animal or whatever just got into the house. Like, ‘OH SHIT, IT’S A LION, GET IN THE – GGGACKKKKK –“
  • “LA LA LA LA LA, SHUT UP. I’m gonna have a shower. And for the record, Brynniepants? No vampire would want to eat me. I taste like vegetables and hair product. So. Have fun with that, Lady Big Mac.”
  • "But like, to get into broadcast journalism in college? You've gotta actually do the journalism part. Which I totally suck at. I'm a behind-the-scenes kinda guy. The dude in the editing suite making all kinds of sparkly TV magic happen, and all that other creative process sheezy. But give me a topic and a deadline? I'm six toast, brotha'."
  • "Psssh. You're only the dude who like, sabotaged all of us. And made us think you were a physics and english teacher WHEN REALLY YOU WERE AN EVIL MASTERMIND."
  • "Warning? Since when do you get warning when somebody's gonna explode the world? If I did that it'd be point-blank, man. "Oh, I'm eating my breakfast, it's all goo -- NOT ANYMORE!""
  • "... Wait, bugs don't have ears. Which I have so told my mom a million times, 'cause she used to be all, 'you're cuter than a bug's ear', which is total bullshit, BUT ANYWAY."