Alexis Miller

Full Name

Alexis Miller (X5-479)

Goes By

Alexis, Alex


Anthro Species






Hair Color

Naturally dark brown, dyed black

Eye Color

Current Residence

Lives with her sister, Brooke Miller





Played By

Jessica Alba


Most find Alexis almost cold and unapproachable. She's the opposite of her twin, who is very outgoing and social. A good student, though awfully quiet, she almost never gets in trouble at school or home.

At least, this is how people see her normally. Alexis would much rather be partying across town and kissing boys who don't know her than putting up with the everyday drama that happens during classes. She does a good job of keeping this a secret and maintains a but of a dual personality. Watching her sister get into trouble for things that happen in town has taught Alexis quite well how to keep her own activities on the down low.


Brooke Miller - Twin sister.

Gram Shaw - Sister's boyfriend, frequently confuses them for each other.



  • Witness - Said The Sunrise
She was a forty five caliber sweetheart tucked under my chin line / And when the casings hit the pavement it reminded me of wind chimes / It was a thin line, a perforated edge / It should have torn apart the moment that we laid in bed / Head on my chest, like she's following a metronome / She was a poem, like a painting, like a lilac / And when she blinked, I think the universe stopped / As she traced a constellation through my freckles with an eyelash / There was a bright street light leaking through her window / And when the wind blows, it stutters like it's tongue tied / But so was I / We were strangers in the morning / So when I said "until when" she should have said "the sunrise"

  • Callahan - Dress To Impress
Hey boy now whats your problem? / With those hips she can solve them / Her eyes giving you the notion, / going through the motions, / lacking all devotion. / It started with a kiss, / I told you we were guarenteed to miss / Sat against the western skyline / on the fouth of July / the fire in her eyes / Ignited by the fireworks, // Girl you know we get... / Together every other weekend, / dress to impress in the latest trends / that we shed behind closed doors. / She takes, / one shot to loosen the tension, / two shots reveals her intentions, / silly boy should have learned his lesson. cause' Three more and she's on the dance floor where we get lost in the crowd.