Everett Lane

Full Name

Everett Carlton Lane

Goes By

Ev, Everett


July 26th/17




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Eye Color


Current Residence


Drama, drama and dreama



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Played By

Nicholas Hoult


Everett Carlton Lane was born to a decently wealthy family just outside of London, England, where he spent the first eight years of his life before a business relocation moved the Lanes to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The family had cars, money, everything -- with the exception, perhaps, of healthy, family love.

That's not to say that Everett grew up in a broken home or without love. Everett is an only child, born to busy parents who probably weren't quite ready to add a child into their lives. Most of their parenting was done over the phone from business trips, and in the form of buying expensive gifts and paying for various activities. Most of the time, Everett was watched by his paternal grandfather, Carlton, whom Everett grew to love and respect very much. Carlton encouraged Everett to follow his dreams, using his own son's miserable career as an example. It was Carlton who suggested he be put into a theatre program, saying that young Everett's gregarious and dramatic disposition made him perfect for the art.

Everett loved it. He quickly fell head over heels for drama, participating in everything he could, from school plays to community theatre. Predictably, his parents told him he was going to need real training for a real job one day - although it became clear that Everett's father secretly completely supported Everett's dream, showing a surprising amount of interest in his son's talents when he wasn't giving the required do-something-with-your-life speech - but Everett, stubborn and inspired, didn't care.




He's a fantastic actor for a kid his age.

He also has the uncanny ability to make people swoon.

And he sings a lil bit too.


  • In-Flight Safety: Model Homes
I need to be alone / I need to be alone / I don't need to be with someone / I don't need to join the swarm
  • Jimmy Eat World: Polaris
They say that love goes anywhere / in your darkest times it's just enough to know it's there / when you go I'll let you be / but you're killing everything in me
  • Kris Allen: Let it Rain
Oh, let the rain keep falling down / cause it won't stop me from getting where I'm bound / maybe it's crazy / maybe it's too late / but I'm gonna make it / don't care what the sky say / so oh let it rain / let it rain
  • Mother Mother: Burning Pile
All my style / all my grace / all I try to save my face / all my guts try to spill / all my holes try to fill
  • Mother Mother: Ghosting
And this is why I have decided / to pull these old white sheets from my head / I'll keep them folded neat and tidy / so that you'll know I'm out of hiding
  • Breaking Benjamin: Rain
Is it you I want or just the notion of / a heart to wrap around so I can find my way around / safe to say from here / we're getting closer now / we are never sad cause we are not allowed to be