Crowley walks the fine line between self control and self abuse

Dear fellow faculty members,

Let it be known that there is a standing open invitation every Friday night in my office from eight o'clock until the wee hours of the morning wherein held shall be an open forum. This forum is to be utilized in a respectful and mature manner, and will most assuredly not be used to gossip freely over glasses of top shelf liquor.

- Crowley

P.S. Invitation notwithstanding for ones Scott Summers and Adrian Veidt - suck on that, boys.


Anyone know why Crowley was heard yelling 'sweet Lucifer!' in his office while the Halloween party was going on?

So what happened between Crowley and Kirk Lazarus?

Isla Brodey seems to like some of her students. No, really like.

Crowley and Adrian Veidt sure are pretty chummy, mmm?